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Traditional cocktail recipes are our bread and butter, but it's the specialty concoctions that we excel at. Looking for a unique drink for your wedding? Try Lorene's "Honey, I Dew" Martini. Throwing your annual Halloween bash? Then the "Blood Drop" elixir is for you. Corporate event? Try our amazing spin on the Tom Collins, "The Executive". Or just let us craft a unique cocktail custom made for your event!

Custom Cocktails
Gluten-Free Lavender Peach Margarita
Custom Cocktails
Blood Drop Martini
Custom Cocktails
Native Whisky Sour
Custom Cocktails
The Executive
Custom Cocktails
Sanibel Sunset
Specialty Cocktails
The Smoked Fashioned
Custom Cocktails
The Playalinda
Custom Cocktails
Tres Playitas Mojito

Like a chef to a kitchen, so is Lorene to a bar.  And like the best chefs, she knows the ability of a mixologist is based on two pillars: the knowledge of the ingredient and the ways of treating it in respect to its nature. Mixology isn't her job, it's her service and passion- Lorene has been serving Orlando for the past 15 years, earned a Masters Of Mixology from A Bar Above, began a teaching career at Orlando Bartending School, certifies regularly for RServe and TIPS, and has been the personal server for a royal prince and various rock bands.

Why roll the dice on a line cook when there's a bar stool open at the chef's table?

Lorene Factor
Cottontail Cocktail
Bloody Mary
Turkey Martini
custom martinis
Candy Cane Martini
Gluten-Free Cocktails
Gluten-Free Cocktails
Gluten-Free Cocktails

Bars On Demand uses fresh, organically-grown ingredients  whenever possible, all grown in-house. Garnishes, simple syrups, cordials, and bitters are all fashioned by Lorene behind her own home bar and mixed to perfection. Because a cocktail is only as good as the quality of the ingredients!

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Bars On Demand Mobile Bartending

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