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"...We chose to have 2 open bars fully stocked with alcohol, which I was worried I might regret, but the bartenders handled it nicely. The drinks were poured very well and the they kept things friendly while making sure nobody over-indulged (they were even carding our younger staff, much to my relief). Lorene's 'Up in Smoke' old-fashioned was the drink of the night and Carrie was my savior when I saw her walk around and collect the finished drinks. They were a major part in our party going off without a hitch. Thanks guys!!! - 10/10"

Erin P, Orlando, FL

"I can relax and have a good time with my friends and clients without having to fix drinks every 5 minutes"

Al K, Orlando, FL

Joanna P, Winter Park, FL

"Love these 2!!! Threw an impromptu Christmas party for a "surprise" family visit and they had it covered with less than a weeks notice. They arrived early with a bar on wheels, full stock of alcohol, soda and mixers. We couldn't stump Lorene, She is a doctor behind the bar! Jason made sure everybody's drink was full and kept the ice cold. Pricing was more than fair. Hire them now!"

"Absolute power couple and great teamwork. Their drinks are on point and always delicious. From an ice cold beer to my personal favorite (Lorene's green teas), they always bring more than just a bar, they bring an experience and excitement and will add life to any party!"

Monica S, Orlando, FL

Exceptional service! Their knowledge of the industry is obvious. We had a last minute formal event and I was not disappointed once I spoke to them. You will not regret going with these pros. Honestly, there isn’t any comparison!

Manny S, Orlando, FL

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